The Corona Sunsets Festivals is Back, 2020 [see]
Cape Town – The return of the Corona Sunsets Festival is on our doorstep and yes it is time to get excited, and get tickets!

The festival will be returning and hosted in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg in 2020 for the 5th year running to celebrate more sunset moments with incredible international and local artists. The festival for its first time announce all three of the festival dates and venues at once to kick start an even better year of Corona Sunsets and sunset moments.

See Dates, venues and locations where the Corona Sunsets and sunset moments will be hosted:

First event – Cape Town | The Bungalow Clifton and Oval Field on the 28 March 2020
Second event – Durban | Shongweni Polo club on the 5 September 2020 and 6 September 2020
Third event – Johannesburg | Ground‌ on the 5 December 2020 and 6 December 2020