as seen on club x magazine by tfg, texx and the city and slikour on life

Aqeem Jones is a creative visionary, artist and musician from Cape Town South Africa. In 2018 he collaborated with graduates, rapper and producer from the SlikouronLife Incubator, hosted in Johannesburg. Later that year was announced one of the rising stars in Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul and R&B, while being featured as an up and coming music artist from Cape Town by Southern Africa’s most popular youth magazine ‘Club X magazine’.

Aqeem has shared media features, performances and stages with musicians such as Kirsty Adams, Ashur Petersen (son of the late Taliep Petersen), Yuzriq Mr. Meyer, Frank Casino, Rowlene, Sun-El Musician and many more.

The musical content that is frequently released by Aqeem Jones is targeted to the youth, but can also be enjoyed by a much older crowed

“As my sound is mature, and the audio & visual content has always been made so that most people could enjoy it, regardless of their age.”

Aqeem believes that his style in creating music will change with every experience and new milestone

“I describe my style as something that highlights the diversity of genre, and that encompasses an important attribute which is meaning.”

Experimenting with different genres and acts within the performing arts, Aqeem enjoys performing to audiences who are out for an unique experience and also a good-time, also he enjoys coming up with new ideas that could possibly better the music or any of his latest art(s) in general.

“The mission is to grow an influence nationally and then globally, that will help bring extraordinary talent to the fore within the mother-city and then lastly to assist young and creative brands so that we can better help and enrich the South African economy”

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A Time-line of events by Aqeem Jones:

Most Recent:

2018 > Aqeem releases an EP titled ‘Youthy’

2018 > Aqeem Jones features under Rising Artist To Watch in South Africa

2019 > Aqeem is hosted on RX Radio for Red Cross Children’s Hospital